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The key to RGI's success is:

"A professional team bringing together varied and complementary expertise."

The professionalism of our team as well as the diversified skills covered by it allows us to export our products and services to more than 28 countries across North America to the South, Europe, Asia as well as Oceania.

The hard work of our group has led to the realization of an old dream

of the direction, which was to design and manufacture machine tools

such as lathe and milling, in our workshops.



Pirn winding machine specially designed for pirns used with GIANT LOOMS such as large TEXO looms


Apparatus to test the resistance to cuts of safety protection textiles and equipments according to ISO and ASTM standards


Conventional assisted control lathe and milling.   THE best machine tools to increase safety and productivity for manual job shop

TDM-100 is THE machine having given its name to a test known as







Because measured results have been found to be more consistent than others, the TDM-100 is the original machine recommended for :
- EN 388 ( ISO/CD 13997 )

- ISO 13997:1999
- ANSI / ISEA ( 105-2015 ) / ASTM F2992-15

TDM-100 is the reference machine                               

to test the cut resistance of safety protection material.                   


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